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About Us

In over 50 years of experience in the mobile industry serving clients just like you we have gained an understanding of what business customers require from your communications.

You, our customer’s are often owner managed and typically small to medium sized businesses, who are busy managing your own business and simply want to make sure your communication services work and at a competitive cost through one point of contact with the minimum of fuss.

We meet with you to appraise your current services and to understand your requirements. Within that review we will look at your mobile phone contract and where you go, what you do, who and what you track with mobile phones and importantly how effectively you use the mobile phones in your day to day workings.

As an existing customer you will benefit from ongoing support through repeated tariff reviews, on demand technical help as well as tailored marketing of new products and services relevant to your business needs and individual requirements.

We are aware that we need to go the extra mile to meet your expectations and believe we achieve that by being flexible in our approach, always contactable and understanding the impact our service level can have on your business.